Centurion Investment Management (H.K.) Limited, (“CIM”) is the family office of Centurion Global Limited, Singapore. Centurion Global’s key business, through it’s subsidiary, Centurion Corporation Limited, owns, develops and manages quality Purposed-Built Workers Accommodation assets in Singapore and Malaysia, and Purpose-Built Student Accommodation assets in Australia, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. Centurion Corporation Limited is listed in both the Singapore Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
With offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, CIM sources private equity deals mainly in South-East and North Asia but does not overlook opportunities elsewhere.


Investment approach is opportunistic,resulting in a portfolio covering broad trends from commercial properties to natural resources, luxury lifestyle platform, life sciences/pharmaceuticals and environmental projects. We are invested in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong and the United States.

Management is key to our success. Our investments are underpinned by rigorous due diligence and we take an active approach in monitoring and enhancing the value of our investments. We have successfully exited more than US$500m of investments by way of IPO , Trade Sales or Privatization and we continue to build on our strong network in securing quality deal flows.

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