GOGO Tech Holdings Limited (BVI)

Transaction Overview


Hong Kong




GoGoVan is a free, van-hailing app available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android devices. It was set up in July 2013 in Hong Kong by five co-founders who wanted to solve the last-mile logistical requirement in big cities like Hong Kong. It aims to be the Uber of sorts for moving furniture, packages and other big items.


In Hong Kong, within nine months of its launch in July 2013, GoGoVan successfully captured close to 50% of the independent logistics providers. To assist GoGoVan to expand into Singapore and across Asia, Centurion Asia Private Equity Fund invested USD6.5 million in GoGoVan’s A-round financing in August 2014. And Chinese social network Renren took a roughly 10% stake in GoGoVan in November 2014 by giving it an additional USD10 million in funding to expand across Asia. GoGoVan is now targeting about five cities in the first quarter of 2015 including Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

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